CHEMICALS - Solvents 

Off Line Contact Cleaner HD
This fast evaporating cleaner is highly refined and designed for use on high-tech electronic hardware, PCBs and PWBs.
Unique wetting action cleans the finest of instruments
Quick, penetrating action, leaves no residue

16 oz. Aerosol

Heavy Duty Cleaner & Degreaser
A heavy-duty, citrus-based cleaner/degreaser that is safe on most plastics.
Citrus based
Wipes off without rinsing
Does not leave a residue
For use in manufacturing facilities
Do not use on electrical equipment or machinery while in operation

20 oz. Aerosol

Anti-Vandal Spray
A fast acting special spray solvent that removes ink, crayon, spray paint, lipstick, and    pencil marks.
Removes stubborn marks from road signs, wash rooms, buildings, sidewalks,    underpasses, etc.

16 oz. Aerosol

Tubing Degreaser Concentrate
JTC prepares metal for painting. Its non-flammable and mixes with water. Biodegradable in its natural form. Removes grease and light surface rust. Low V.O.C. Rating of 103.

1 Gallon


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