HAND TOOLS - Flashlights 

Redline Flex
The Redlineฎ FLEX utilizes Flex-Power™ Technology, which allows the light to be powered by a single AA battery or a 14500 rechargeable battery (included).  The FLEX features 6x adjustable zoom, a dual-direction clip and a powerful magnetic base for convenient hands-free lighting.  Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum that’s water and impact-resistant.  Plus a Micro USB to USB charging cable included

• 0.2 lbs.
• Length: Compacted: 4.23" / Extended: 4.7"
• Diameter: (Head) 1.14" / (Barrel) 0.78"


Inspector RC
The NEBO INSPECTOR RC is a powerful 360 lumen rechargeable, waterproof (IP67) penlight. The INSPECTOR RC features FLEX-POWER and is equipped with a removable steel clip, 4x zoom and 3 light modes (high, low, strobe) and Soft-Touch Technology, which provides momentary operation when the light is off, with the slight touch of the button.
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
• Impact-resistant and waterproof (IP67)
• 4x adjustable zoom
• Detachable steel belt/pocket clip
• Length: Compacted: 6.3" / Extended: 6.5"
• Diameter: 0.7"


Redline Blast
The Redline BLAST, with 1,400 lumens of high intensity light, is a must-have flashlight that can throw a spectacularly bright beam over 260 meters. Want more? How about a 4x zoom and 5 light modes (high, medium, low, defensive strobe & flashing beacon).
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; waterproof (IPX7) and impact-resistant
• Powered by 6 AA batteries (included)
• Length: Compacted: 7.25" / Extended: 7.75"
• Diameter: (Head) 1.875" / (Barrel) 1.375"

Redline Blast RC
The newest addition is the REDLINEฎ BLAST RC, a 3200 lumen, waterproof, rechargeable flashlight that is also a power bank for your USB powered device. The BLAST RC includes a charging cable and lanyard for convenient carry. The button also serves as a battery charging indicator.
• Fully rechargeable
• Convex lens
• Tactical edge
• 4x adjustable zoom
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
• Length: Compacted: 9.5" / Extended: 10.375"
• Diameter: (Head) 1.875" / (Barrel) 1.125"

Slim Rechargeable Worklight
This thin, ergonomic rechargeable pocket light that outputs 500 lumens of intense bright light. Equipped with full dimming and Power Memory Recall, the SLIM also features a pocket
clip, collapsible hanging hook and powerful magnetic base for convenient hands-free lighting.
• Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum; water and impact-resistant
• Micro USB to USB charging cable included
• (H) 4.1" x (W) 1.77" x (D) 1.25"

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Black, Sliver or Red



LIL Larry Pocket Light
LiL Larry is equipped with a 250 lumen C•O•B work light, featuring 3 light modes: high, low and emergency red flash. The anodized aluminum body and recessed LED housing ensures that LiL Larry is ready for any task.
• Water and impact-resistant
• Protective LED housing
• Powerful magnetic base
• Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)
• (H) 6.0625" x (W) 0.625" x (D) 1"

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Black, Sliver or Red



Tango Rechargeable Worklight
The TANGO features 2 high-power light sources, a 250 lumen spot light and 750 lumen C•O•B work light. The TANGO is fully rechargeable and also serves as a power bank for your USB powered devices. A seven position 180บ rotating arm functions as a hanging hook, carry handle, or a kickstand. And best of all, use Turbo Mode to combine the spot light and work light for 1,000 lumens of intense illumination. After all, it takes two to TANGO.

• Work Light (750 lumens) - 2 hours / 45 meters
• Spot Light (250 lumens) - 5 hours / 135 meters
• Fully rechargeable
• Power bank for your USB powered devices
• Non-slip rubber coating
• Water and impact-resistant
• Fully dimmable
• Memory Power Setting
• 180บ pivoting base
• Front-positioned, ON/OFF button; hold to dim
• Micro USB to USB cable and AC adapter included
• Powered by rechargeable battery (included)
• (H) 5.875" x (W) 5.875" x (D) 1.75"


Infrared Thermometer & Spotlight
Not just for the professional, the TEMPRA™ can help save time and money at work, around the house or in the car. Use the laser-guided infrared thermometer to make sure your car engine is firing on all cylinders. Check your HVAC to ensure your home is cooling and heating efficiently. The TEMPRA™, just one more way NEBOฎ helps get the job done.
• High-power 1340 LUX LED spot light
• Red laser guide for accurate temperature scanning
• Temperature Range -4บF to 716บF
• 4x adjustable zoom
• Infrared lens
• Laser pointer
• Backlit LCD
• Adjustable emissivity for different surface materials
• Fahrenheit/Celsius conversion
• Ergonomic handle
• Low battery indicator
• Data hold function
• Back-positioned ON/OFF button for spot light
• Trigger for laser and temperature scan
• Powered by 4 AA batteries (included)
• (H) 7.625" x (W) 2" x (D) 4.25"



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