PIPE FITTINGS - Combination Nipples 

"King" Combination Nipples
Hose nipples made from tubular stock to fit straight end hose. Threaded end has male NPT thread - same size as hose; i.e. 2" nipple has 2" thread and fits 2" I.D. hose. Combination nipples are recommended for low pressure discharge and suction service. The working pressure of combination nipples varies with the size of the nipples, the size and construction of the hose and the type of clamping system used; consult the Factory for recommendations.
1/2" ST-1 $6.42
3/4" ST-5   5.82
1" ST-10   7.38
1-1/4" ST-15   9.93
1-1/2" ST-20 10.30
2" ST-25 12.79
2-1/2" ST-30 21.03
3" ST-35 24.96
4" ST-40 38.71

Not Intended For Compressed Air          

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