WELDING - Accessories 

Premium Scribe
Useful marking tool features a handy pocket clip, knurled aluminum handle and tungsten carbide tip. Also cuts glass.

Combo Scribe-Magnet
This marking tool has all the features of the #70714 plus a powerful Alnico magnet for metal retrieval.

4-Way Pick Repair Kit
Handy repair kit includes 4 tempered steel picks: pick, retriever pick,
O ring remover, 90 pick, and straight pick/scribe. Designed with convenience in mind and built-in durability for long life; their quality in construction is an asset to the professional and the do-it-yourselfer.

Tip Drill Set
12 tip drills within a pencil style design, with clip to hold in pocket. To clean
and true most standard orifices of acetylene welding and cutting tips. Contains even numbered sizes 52 to 74.

14-3/8" Deluxe Rod Storage Can
This can is made of high impact polypropylene plastic. The screw type cap and rubber O-ring, when sealed tight, provide a clean, dry, airtight compartment for electrodes. Up to
10 lbs. of Forney 3/32", 1/8", 5/32" electrodes in 12" and 14" lengths can be stored in the container.

Nozzle Gel
This nozzle gel eliminates erratic operation with a film that will not clog orifices and threads. It is suitable for use on fixtures of semi and automatic welders. It is odorless, nonflammable, non-toxic and silicone free. Forney Nozzle Gel meets all state regulations and will not cause porosity.

16 oz.

Multi-Purpose Magnet
These strong magnets stick to any iron object, leaves hands free. Magnets have 45, 90,
and 135 degree angles.
(Caution: magnets are not for overhead use.)

70716-F / Small $6.06
/ Medium $9.78
/ Large $11.58

Electrode Holder 200 Amp, 8-1/2" Long
Type F-2. Designed for handling up to 5/32" rods. This is widely used in steel fabrication at up to 200 amps. Will accept up to #2 welding cable.

Electrode Holder 300 Amp, 10-1/2" Long
Type F-3. Heavy-duty Electrode Holder. Suitable for most arc welding jobs. Accommodates rods 3/32" through 3/16" diameter. Will accept up to #1 welding cable.


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