WELDING - Gas Rod 
General Purpose Oxy / Acety Welding Rod
High quality mild steel rod for general purpose welding & repair of low carbon steels. Copper coated rod is .06 maximum carbon and .17 maximum manganese. A great all around rod for shop projects, maintenance projects at home, or commercial use.
45,000 PSI Tensile Strength;
2700 melting point.
Rod length 36"

99980-F    1/16"    each          .29
42330-F    1/16"    5 lbs.      $37.80
    (box count 164)

99981-F     3/32"     each         .64
42335-F    3/32"     5 lbs.     $37.14
 (box count 71)

99982-F       1/8"     each       $1.20
42340-F       1/8"     5 lbs.     $38.48
       (box count 40)

Easy Flow Aluminum Brazing Rod
No flux required with this rod which has a melting point of only 732 F. Easy to braze aluminum and zinc base metals with an oxyacetylene or propane torch. This rod is great for repairs on irrigation pipe and tubes, carburetor bowls, aluminum boats, camper covers, lawn mower housings and casings (including aluminum-magnesium).
Rod length 18".

46111-F     1/8    1/2 lbs.   $20.28

Bare Brass Rod (Low Fuming Bronze)
Balanced zinc and copper alloy. Excellent ductility. Smooth flowing. Excellent for brazing sheet metal, pipes, fenders, water
tanks and many cast iron applications, etc. Requires flux.
63,000 PSI Tensile Strength;
1620 melting point.
Rod length 36".

99984-F    3/32''     each      $2.78
48305-F    3/32"    5 lbs.  $147.02
    (box count 68)

99986-F      1/8''     each      $4.71
47305-F      1/8"    6 lbs.   $147.02
       (box count 39)

Fluxed Brazing Rod (Low Fuming Bronze)
High quality, low fuming, bronze brazing rod with flux. Provides all the properties for best tensile strength and ductility. Best quality. Smooth flowing. Excellent for most brazing uses. Flux coated for best cleaning action.
65,000 PSI Tensile Strength;
1598 melting point.
Rod length 36".

99988-F    3/32''    each       $3.22
48495-F   3/32"    4 lbs.     $116.06
   (box count 49)

99990-F       1/8''     each       $5.73
48504-F     1/8"     4 lbs.    $123.80
     (box count 28)

Low Cost, High grade Super Sil-Flo
Brazing alloy for copper tubing installations, large and small. Self fluxing on copper. Typical applications: T-joints, swage joints and sleeves, coupling on return bends and condenser fittings, extending copper tubing and pipes, refrigeration control valves (copper and brass) joining copper wires to rotor bars, building up contact points, electrical connections, radiant heating systems, air conditioning units, hot and cold water lines, heat exchanges, copper joining. NOTE: Sil-Flo is not recommended for ferrous metals such as iron or steel, only for copper base metals.
Melting point 1200F.
Rod length 18".

48571-F    1/8    1/2 lbs.    $32.80

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