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Forney 95FI-A 120V 95 Amp Arc Welder.
Ready to weld right out of the box. Welds 1/16"  - 5/64"  (SMAW) electrodes. Infinitely variable heat settings. Simple to operate and portable, weighs just 29 Lbs. Convenient 120V input power. Automatic thermal overload protection. Tough, scratch resistant metal cabinet. Includes face shield, combination chipping hammer and brush, electrode holder, ground clamp and starter pack of electrodes. Main Voltage: 120V Max OCV: 37V Duty Cycle: 20% @ 60 Amps Output Range: 30 Amps - 90 Amps Electrode Diameter:
1/16" - 5/64" Weld Thickness: 3/16" Weight: 29 Lbs.


Forney 130FI 120V Flux Cored/MIG Wire Welder.
Simple to operate and ready to weld right out of the box. Welds up to 1/4"  mild steel, aluminum and stainless steel. Multiple voltage settings for accurate heat control. Convenient 120V input power. Tweco® compatible welding torch. Automatic thermal overload protection. Portable, weighs just 53 Lbs. Fan cooled for higher performance. Easily converted for MIG (GMAW & FCAW) welding. Tough, scratch resistant metal cabinet. Includes face shield, combination chipping hammer and brush, welding torch, ground clamp and starter roll of flux cored welding wire. Main Voltage: 120V Max OCV: 30V Duty Cycle: 40% @ 60 Amps Output Range: 40 Amps - 130 Amps Wire Diameter: .024", .030", .035" Weld Thickness: 1/4" Internal Cooling Fan: Yes Weight: 53 Lbs.

140 MP Welder: "3 in 1" Multiple Welding Processes - MIG, Stick, TIG
• Processes: MIG (GMAW); Flux Cored (FCAW); Stick (SMAW); TIG (GTAW)
• Larger cabinet for easy access to 4" (1-2 lb.) and 8" (10-11 lb.) spools
• Synergic controls for higher quality welds and spatter reduction
• Euro Connect Torch with Tweco® style consumables
• Dual geared idler and drive roll with better de-spooler
• Power saving and versatile inverter technology
• Fast disconnect to swap out torch, clean liner
• Upgraded cast aluminum wire drive system
• Torch wrap included for cable organization
• Multiple trigger modes
• Digital readouts

Torch with 10' Lead, 15' Input Power Cable, Gas Hose & Regulator,
Stick Electrode Holder, Ground Cable and Clamp



Gas Welding and Cutting Kit "Victor" Type
• Torch Handle
• Oxygen Regulator Acetylene Regulator
• Cutting Attachment
• Cutting Nozzle No. 2
• Welding Nozzles (No.0, No. 2 & No. 4)
• Twin Hose: 15’X1/4" w/ Fittings
• Tip Cleaner, Goggles, Spark Lighter, Spanner



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